Who should I contact when...

Contacting the most appropriate place speeds up getting help:


The general principle is that our maintenance company takes care among other things of issues relating to heating, water, airflow and electricity systems of teh buildings, both in common areas and within apartments. They also take care of the yards and staircases. Here are a few examples of when you should contact them:

  1. A water leak

  2. Drain not working properly

  3. Toilet leaks

  4. A faucet leaks

  5. The apartment is cold or airflow does not seem to work properly

  6. Problems with electricity sockets

  7. A light bulb in common areas or the yard is not working

  8. No power in car engine heating power plug

  9. Some device is not working in common areas

  10. You forgot your key inside

  1. Someone causing disturbances, illegal behavior etc

  2. Common areas clearly unclean or some graffiti appeared etc.

  3. Vahinkotapahtuma tai kosteusvaurioista

  4. You notice something in general concerning in general or would like to make an improvement suggestion

  5. When moving into and out of the building

  6. Regarding car parking spot and sauna reservations

  7. Owner: if a Pulse-key (digital black+green key) has been lost, or you need to order lock reconfiguration for your apartment

  8. Owner: if you are planning on renovating your apartment


  1. Most matters within apartments that do not relate to the structual integrity or essential technical systems of the building. This includes for example surface materials (such as floor paneling and paint finish), kitchen appliances and fixed furniture such as kitchen cupboards.

  2. Questions relating to rent payments.

  3. Rent contract cancellations.