📅 Laundry, sauna and parking reservations

THE WAY LAUNDRY ROOM SHIFTS ARE RESERVED HAS CHANGED ON MAY 29, 2023. Reservations via booking.helokantalot.fi

Vastaavat tiedot suomeksi Varaukset-sivulta.

🧺👚 Laundry room reservations

Laundry room reservations are made online via booking.helokantalot.fi . Each laundry machine has its own reservation calendar.

Please come to your reserved shift on time and also get your laundry out from the the machine as soon as the program ends so that the next person is also able to stick to the reservation schedule.

🧖🚿 Sauna shifts

You'll be able to see available sauna shifts at Asumisinfo (https://palvelu.asumisinfo.fi). To reserve a sauna shift, email pirjo.heinonen@nosteisannointi.fi

If you don't have a username/password for the Asumisinfo system, please contact isannointi@nosteisannointi.fi

🚗 Parking spots

Parking spot reservations are done by email via pirjo.heinonen@nosteisannointi.fi